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Where the past lives stylishly in the present.

Welcome to Empire de Talaru – home to antique assemblage jewellery and antique-inspired designs created by Melanie Dooley.

Empire de Talaru offers an array of handmade artisan works including antique assemblage jewellery, antique costume jewellery for designers and collectors, rustic urban tribal jewellery and digital collage designs for art and fabrics.


    Antique assemblage jewellery crafted by hand using genuine antique costume jewellery re-purposed into new designs for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Creations are enhanced with colourful gemstones, intricate beads, antique chains and selected elements to create harmonious designs that will become heirlooms for the future.


    I offer a carefully curated selection of antique costume jewellery and collectibles for assemblage designers and collectors. Unique and whimsical treasures sourced from trusted suppliers. I specialise in rare and unusual costume and religious jewellery, mostly from France and mainly dating from the late 1700s through to the early 1900s.


    Make a different impression with Empire Line Art Stamps. More than just stamps, we offer beautiful printable product downloads (gift tags and crafting images) as well as image downloads for making your own artworks.


    Colourful and unique fabric designs are created using the technique of digital collage. Crafted layer upon layer using scanned antique prints, digital textures and old photographs the whimsical designs from Maison de Talaru will bring a touch of 'something old' to your home in a modern, comfortable way.


    Extending on the concept for fabric designs, Empire de Talaru offers a range of digital collage works for hung art or tee-shirt designs. Making use of antique images and prints these fine art-quality works sell worldwide to collectors seeking 'something a little bit different'. Empire de Talaru has worked on commission designs for international clothing manufacturers.


    If you find that you have a collection of costume jewellery that means a lot, but is no longer wearable, why not get in touch and ask our designer about creating a unique piece (or a few) for you? Empire de Talaru has customers all around the world who have given a new lease of life to their old jewellery that would otherwise have remained hidden away and forgotten.