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More makings and new things coming

More makings and new things coming

Do you use Instagram? If so please join me there as it’s my new favoured online platform for connecting with customers. I try to post daily with inspirations, jewelry I wear or pictures from home that might interest you all and give you a bit of insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Talaru. You can find me here: @empiredetalaru

I’m also a prolific pinner, so why not follow me on Pinterest? @vulticulus – it’s entertaining.

It’s been a busy month since the festive season – back into work, visits from family and friends. I’ve been working on new designs using both antique and reproduction items. My reproduction components are very high quality. I’ve had a lot of feedback from customers and friends saying how impressed that are with the quality of my cast elements. This is great because I work with a professional and renowned casting house to produce the best possible likeness of these scarce antique originals. The issue of reproducing from antique master patterns is a fraught one. Some vendors do it without a second thought, while others are purists and will only sell original antiques. I think that the key is accurately labelling what it is you are selling so the customer is well aware of what they are paying for. I am of the belief that some antique pieces are so scarce that I will never see another one like it. Why not make a high quality copy, and offer it as just that – a high quality copy?

Here are some recent designs using these high quality copies – I love them and love to be able to share these unique and special designs for a reasonable price.

Ruby & Pearl earrings

The sweet little cherubs in these earrings were once cuff links. They are very detailed and I had them cast in solid silver, then paired them with rubies and pearls. Great whimsical design, especially precious for weddings.

This necklace below utilises an amazing button pattern that I had recast in silver.

DSC04990 (1)

The focal piece features delightful bats flying around a graceful woman wearing star earrings. The word crepsucule means ‘twilight’ in French. The necklace also features one of my fleur de lys heart connectors and vivid blue quartz stones. I can use these elements with any combination of stones or chain to make a custom design.

DSC04981 (1)

This flaming heart charm above features rich detail and a sweet pansy as a centrepiece – a potent symbol for sentimental jewelry. The decorative ring in this design is a favourite of mine, designed after an antique version I’ve owned for many years. These pretty pieces work well with the champagne-coloured Kasumi-like pearls used in the rest of the design. This bracelet is designed so you can add more charms onto the ring as you collect them.

DSC05005 (1)

Don’t you just love those rough emerald stones? I think they are gorgeous. They are paired with double heart charms that feature a crown and fleur de lys. Very lightweight.

DSC05001 (1)

This lovely design, admittedly not photographed too well, features an Eiffel Tower key brooch. The detail is quite amazing, and that glass looking chain section is in fact bezel crystal chain – something I hope to stock for sale later in the year.

DSC04983 (1)

More silver cherubs this time with mammoth ivory discs and Kasumi-like pearls. Perfect for a wedding, don’t you think?


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