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Reproduction range coming along nicely…

selection of antique reproduction snake necklaces

Reproduction range coming along nicely…

…but I’m not forgetting my roots.

I really enjoy developing my reproduction range of jewellery. Every so often I discover an antique element, be it a brooch, charm, pendant or relic, that is just so beautiful I want to share it with you all. These pieces speak to me in a way that I do not understand at the time, but the creative journey is my way to find out.

As so often happens with antique jewellery, there is usually only one, and I am not always willing to let go of these treasures from my personal collection – I never know when I will see another one!

Reproducing these rare treasures is a perfect solution to the dilemma of rarity. I can offer them for sale and my customers can enjoy lovely designs that they would otherwise not have access to. To this end I am expanding my reproduction range. I’ve developed quite a few new rings and bracelets in addition to those I have already shared with you. I have a large collection of other pieces ready and waiting to be moulded and cast, though these might be a few months away yet.

What I love about this range is that I get to use my soldering torch. I hand make the rings myself, and whilst this is not complex bezel setting or anything highly specialised (that will come next!), I can offer a lot more flexibility in sizes and fast order fulfillment, while keeping prices reasonable by cutting out a ‘middleman’ to do all the construction work. In the end, I just make what I like to wear, and it’s very heartening to see that these designs resonate with customers around the world.


Here are some of the rings I have developed recently. Even though each design uses reproduction elements, the story of the antique original still rings true. I’ve taken precious and detailed religious amulets and charms, rare tokens and coins, and made them into a beautiful adornment for your fingers.

reproduction antique rings

Above is the Sacred Heart Forget-Me-Not ring, Winged Cherub ring and Crowned Heart ring.

Below are some more favourites.


For more details on each and my full reproduction range, please visit Empire de Talaru on Etsy.

I’ve introduced some amazing necklace designs and a favourite to design and construct is the snake charmer range. These are charm necklaces that offer a variety of styles using my exclusive pendant designs. All hang from a gorgeous hand holding snake hook and there is flexibility to add your own charms onto these necklaces as well. Here are a few variations:

I’ve had some beautiful original antique elements waiting to be transformed. I’ve worked with a wide array of antique pieces, including a Vulcanite neoclassical cameo brooch, a very special ivory mirror locket and a delightful Vulcanite Forget-me-Not mourning locket. Visit L’Atelier de Talaru for more details.

What else have I been up to? You mean, aside from working a full time job, visiting the gym when I can, walking my dog and just living life. I have been busy working on designs for my stamp and paper crafts store, Empire Line Stamps, but I will send out another update soon to focus on happenings in that part of my creative world. I’m about to send off files for another 80-100 stamp designs and have some exciting printable crafting supplies in planning as well.

I will be starting a monthly newsletter called ‘Musings’. I hope you will enjoy reading this sorter version of my news, as this blog is reserved mainly for longer, more in-depth writing. Musings will cover issues such as a buying guide for antique jewelry (what to look for and how to avoid fakes), stories behind my designs, a peek into my studio and personal collection and the latest designs and pieces for sale in my Etsy stores. Look out for the first edition of Musings, with a special offer for readers, coming very soon.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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