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New stamp designs on their way

New stamp designs on their way

I hope you’ve had a chance to venture over and take a look at my latest creative venture – Empire Line Stamps.

I started designing the stamps late last year and now offer over 80 designs. I am very happy to say that these designs have been well received by new customers and I am fulfilling my dream to help customers ‘make a different impression’.

A lot of the feedback I am receiving reflects what I set out to achieve in the first place – to offer designs that you will not find anywhere else, and which bring images and concepts not typically found in most commercial stamp ranges.

I like to say that I do not do ‘puppies and kittens’. More like skulls, flaming hearts, arrows & swords and all manner of mystical, magical and unusual images.

My second major release of designs is due at the end of August (they are in transit to me as we speak) and I have ventured into some new territories including Art Deco, 18th century and everywhere in between. Over 100 designs in all!

In addition to stamps I also offer downloadable printable graphics, papers and crafting supplies as well as Photoshop brushes and clip art.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the stamp designs coming soon to Empire Line Stamps:


Hearts of all kinds






18th Century Ladies



Decorative Elements


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