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Welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017!

Oh my gosh, I thought it was a mistake when I saw that the last time I wrote a blog post was October last year. But it’s true – I am officially slack.

Well not really. I’ve been super busy with so many things, I don’t know where to start.

(And this is a good reminder that you can see me posting almost daily on Instagram, so make sure you follow me over there for snapshots from my designs, and life. Click, or search for me: @empiredetalaru )

Of course the festive season can become hectic, but add into that finishing one job and getting ready to start another, travelling interstate, visiting family and, of course, doing a market, making jewelry and you have one very busy gal.

Should I start with the most recent, and work backwards?

Today I made good use of a few Gutta Percha brooches I bought last year and was waiting for the right combination of elements to come together and give me the right inspiration to inspire creative action.


Necklace Collection

The one on the right is MINE! But the other two are for sale at L’Atelier de Talaru. Also shown is a pretty Sacred Heart Reliquary pendant necklace with flashy labradorite and antique Gutta Percha chain.

Here’s a better pic of the reliquary necklace:

Reliquary Necklace

It’s quite a dramatic piece….

I have been adding to my cast silver collection, and am particularly in love with this Medusa Pendant. I’ve worked it into two necklace designs so far.

Medusa Pendant Necklace

She is quite fierce, but I can relate to her on some days.

Here she is in a simpler design, with silver pailette chain.

Medusa Necklace

And as if all this wonderful Medusa magic was not enough, there is a matching two-headed snake pendant necklace that came from the same source. They look great layered together.

Snake necklace

Actually, I am going to leave it there for now. There is a lot more to show you but I will promise to write another post in a week or so.

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