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It’s all about the brass

It’s all about the brass

(Etsy shop banner – Zephyrine’s Dream. Design: Melanie Dooley)

Since I started out making jewelry about 10 years ago I have been enamoured of French brass stampings. In fact it was a search for stampings to decorate a hand bound book I was working on that drew me to Etsy way back in 2008, from where I began a voyage of amazing discovery. I never did finish that book, but I did discover an amazing array of brass stampings that I love as much today as I did back then.

Often the original base for much of the antique jewelry I deal in today, these brass components are rare and fascinating.

I’ve hoarded a large collection of these stampings and now offer a range of them in my Etsy store.

The ones I offer today are made from the same dies that the original old pieces were made from over a century ago. My manufacturer has preserved this specialist art form which allows me to offer you amazing old patterns no longer found in finished jewelry pieces.

Drawing on all the aesthetic forms I love, these stampings can be purchased as components, or as finished jewelry. For this purpose I have opened Zephyrine’s Dream – a store dedicated wholly to French brass stampings and jewelry I have made from these components.

Click the frame to enter and make sure you favourite my store – I will be adding lots of new designs over the coming weeks.

Below is a selection of pieces and designs, with many more to come.

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