Earring Gallery #2 - Talaru
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Earring Gallery #2

Pleas read below for detailed descriptions of each design.

Antique Assemblage Jewellery
About This Project

It always amazes me the variety of interesting antique elements that can be used to make earrings. From buttons, to beads, to chain and old photos.

The earrings featured here are:

  1. Antique tintype photos (1860s) set into copper frames and embellished with Sleeping Beauty turquoise and mammoth ivory beads
  2. Solid silver reproduction ‘hope, faith, charity’ charms embellished with antique crystal beads and rosary connectors
  3. 18th century watch coqs with lush Kasumi-like pearls
  4. Vintage rhinestone dangles embellished with stunning Swiss Blue topaz gemstone beads
  5. Carved mother of pearl necklace links embellished with silver chain and black onyx gemstone beads

All designs shown here have SOLD but some which contain reproduction elements could be re-made.