Earring Gallery #1 - Talaru
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Earring gallery #1

Read below for details of design elements.

Antique Assemblage Jewellery
About This Project

I find that earrings are amongst the most challenging of items to make. Despite their small size, they are often intricate, and because they hang from the ear, the issues of weight and balance are critical.

The earrings featured here are:

  1. Silver chandelier frames adorned with garnets, pearls and antique filigree beads
  2. reproduction solid silver Art Nouveau cherub charms with gemstones and star ear wires
  3. antique mother of pearl beads with carnelian gemstones and reproduction solid silver crowned heart charms
  4. vintage rhinestones with grey shell cameo links
  5. antique silver pocket watch chain links adorned with vintage crystal beads and rhinestone dangles

All designs shown here have SOLD but some which contain reproduction elements could be re-made.