Joan of Arc Mirror Pendant Necklace - Talaru
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Joan of Arc Mirror Pendant Necklace

A stunning design featuring a unique antique pendant and glossy green garnets.

Antique Assemblage Jewellery
About This Project

A truly unique mirror pendant from France forms the focal piece of this lush design. Joan of Arc costume jewellery is fairly common in France, since she was canonised in the early 20th century. She is a highly revered saint in France and her devotees show their reverence through a wide range of decorative wearables, such as brooches, medals, mirror pendants, book lockets and even chains.

This design also features a handmade necklace chain made from:

  • a solid silver 19th century hair bracelet clasp (sans hair)
  • hand wired green garnet smooth round gemstones
  • links from a vintage Joan of Arc souvenir bracelet
  • a tiny Lorraine cross (another symbol associated with Joan of Arc) which dangles just below the clasp

The clasp is at the front though the design is so seamless that you cannot tell without looking up close.

This design is currently available for sale here.

Please note that my shop is set in US dollars and prices will translate into your local currency. You can opt to view in US dollars if you wish.