Lava Cameo, Pearls and Garnet Necklace - Talaru
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Antique Lava Cameo, Pearl and Garnet Necklace

Featuring a rare lava cameo and Whitby jet pendant

Antique Assemblage Jewellery
antique assemblage, brown garnet, french, grossular garnet, kasumi pearl, lava cameo, whitby jet
About This Project

Lava cameos with Whitby Jet are two of my favourite combinations for antique jewellery. I love the mystique of the lava cameo – hand carved in the 19th century from Italian lava and sourced during a Grand Tour. Whitby Jet was another substance popular with eh Victorians for jewellery making, mined at Whitby, on the north-east coast of England. The centrepiece was once a brooch, and with the pin removed, it transformed beautifully into a pendant. The necklace chain is made using lovely, lush Kasumi-like pearls and unusual autumnal shaded garnets. This necklace has SOLD.