Reliquary Necklace - Talaru
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Relic Necklace

A feminine design featuring an antique silver reliquary case.

Digital Art
About This Project

This dainty and feminine necklace offers an intriguing collection of historic elements. The pendant is made using an antique reliquary case (silver) that came from France. It dates to the 19th century. It came empty, which is unusual as most relic cases come with the relics inside. When I do find one that is empty I will put something inside; in this case, an original tintype photo dating to the 1860s. There is something a little bit ‘otherworldly’ about that austere face looking out from its housing.

The necklace chain is made from pigeon blood rubies, antique leaded crystal beads and crimson garnets. These beads were wire wrapped togethre by hand with sterling silver wire – a pretty, but very strong, construction method for chains that I use a lot.

This item has SOLD.