Antique Rhinestone Brooch Bracelet - Talaru
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Rhinestone Brooch Bracelet

A glittery antique brooch re-purposed into a bracelet.

Antique Assemblage Jewellery
About This Project

Antique brooches offer a rich source of inspiration for both necklace and bracelet designs. Sadly brooches are not fashionable so much anymore, however these carefully designed functional pieces of jewellery have a beauty all of their own.

This design features a rhinestone brooch that dates to around the 1930s. Luckily all of the stones were intact and I did not have to search around to replace lost sparklers.

The brooch pin was removed and sharp bits smoothed down and I added reproduction book chain to complete the bracelet design. I’ve made many, many bracelets using antique brooches and they are one of the most versatile elements to use in assemblage jewellery creations.

This item has SOLD.