Whitby Jet, Shell Cameo and Citrine Necklace - Talaru
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Whitby Jet with Citrine Necklace

Featuring a rare Whitby jet and shell cameo focal piece.

Antique Assemblage Jewellery
About This Project

The combination of Whitby jet with shell cameos is oh so Victorian. Whitby jet is a fossilised material similar to coal that can be easily carved and then polished to a dull or high shine. It gained popularity in the 19th century as the basis for mourning jewellery. The combination with a shell cameo is one of my favourite things about antique jewellery.

This necklace design features a former Whitby jet and shell cameo brooch, which I have re-purposed into the pendant for this design. The brooch dates to the 19th century.

The chain is a simple but stunning collection of Citrine gemstone beads linked together with hand-wired sterling silver wire. The back of the necklace features an interesting ladder-style chain that came from an antique French pocket watch chain.

This piece has SOLD.