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Serpent on the Cross Silver Pendant Necklace


Antique style solid silver serpent on the cross necklace.

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The crucified serpent is an old alchemical symbol that represents removing the volatile or ‘poisonous’ element. We all face poisonous things in our lives – people, events, situations. At times we feel helpless to resolve these scenarios but in reality we hold the power to determine our own destiny. Removing the poison from your life is liberating and clears the way forward. The serpent on the cross reminds us that sometimes we need to leave things and people behind us in order to have a life free from stress and drama.

This handmade pendant features a solid silver nun’s cross that is entwined by a serpent. All elements are in solid silver. Each cross is handmade to order and may vary slightly but will be very close to that pictures. The cross is shown here on a black spinel gemstone chain, though I can offer this pendant on a silver chain or gemstone chain using other stones. Please contact me to find out the current selection of gemstone chains in stock.

The pendant measures approx 2 inches long, and the standard necklace length is 18 inches.

This necklace is made to order and takes 1-2 weeks production time.

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