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Eternity Snake Pendant Necklace


Antique style solid silver eternity snake necklace.

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The eternity symbol is one of the most familiar, and is age-old. Eternity holds many meanings, depending on whether you look at it from a religious, or philosophical perspective.

For me the concept of eternity reminds me that what we do now has a long lasting impact. This can relate to how we consume scare resources or how we can tend to live a disposable lifestyle…and how we lose focus of the things that endure in our rush to just ‘get through the day’.

By thinking about eternity we can focus on what comes next and be more mindful to the impact of our actions.

This eternity snake pendant is handmade by me in solid silver. It is shown an a pretty, celestial cubic zirconia chain. I do offer this necklace with different chains, so if you prefer silver or gemstone chain please let me know. Most other chains will be slightly cheaper than that shown here. If you wish for a different chain I will set up a custom listing for you.

The pendant measures 1 inch high plus the bail. Standard chain length is 18 inches.

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