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Solid Silver Hand Holding Snake Pendant Necklace


Antique style hand holding snake pendant necklace.

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The hand holding snake motif is a powerful one for many people. Snakes represent many things, and for me they represent renewal. Snakes renew by sloughing their old skins. By leaving their old skin behind they can grow.  Hands imply many things such as friendship, fidelity and concern. For me they imply strength and power over your own destiny.

I believe that to grow you need to step outside your comfort zone and forge ahead in a new direction. Staying the same and getting too comfortable in your skin can stunt growth. By holding the snake you can take charge and reinvent yourself, forge ahead and renew.

The hand holding snake motif was popular in Victorian-era mourning jewelry and I am honouring this revered symbolism with this design.

The pendant is handmade by me. I used a number of reproduction antique elements to forge this design with techniques such as soldering, filing and buffing. Each pendant is handmade to order and takes around 2 weeks production time.

The chain shown here is a garnet gemstone chain that is 18 inches long. I also offer the necklace with different gemstone chains and silver chains. You can make your choice when you checkout. Prices vary for different chains, depending on the material.

The gemstone chains are made with silver plated brass wire. Textured link and pailette chain are solid sterling silver. The hand holding snake pendant is also solid silver. The clasp used on the necklace is solid silver  – either a lobster or parrot clasp.

This design is only offered in a necklace, not as a pendant on its own. You may switch out the chain with others you own, or even use the pendant in a design of your own. You are not permitted to replicate this design as it is proprietary to Empire de Talaru.

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textured link silver chain, pailette chain, marquis cubic zirconia, round cubic zirconia, white chalcedony, iolite, black spinel, pink quartz, 3mm round pearl, rice pearl, ruby, multi tourmaline, pyrite, garnet, Labradorite, amethyst, green chalcedony, apatite, blue chalcedony, amazonite

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